Classes : Nur - V

    • * The academic year will be divided into two Semester/Terms and examination will be held at the end of each Semester/Term for class V only.
    • * Semester/Term I Examination Sept. 2020 Semester/Term II Examination Feb/March 2021.
    • * The syllabus in all subjects will be divided into two independent Semester/Terms. Details are given in the syllabus booklet.
    • * Weekly tests will be held for classes III, IV & V in all the subjects according to the schedule given.
    • * Satisfactory explanation through the Student’s Portal for absence has to be given, failing which a student will be marked zero in that test.
    • * Evaluation will be based on student’s continuous academic performance during the year via Reading-Oral- Dictation and Written exam. Value set for computing the final result is given below.

    Semester/Term I Weekly Tests/Periodic Tests 25%
    Semester/Term I Examination25%
    Semester/Term II Weekly Tests/Periodic Tests 25%
    Semester/Term II Examination 25%

    Nursery - UKG:

    Students of classes Nursery to UKG will be assessed on the basis of the day to day performance. No formal examination or tests will be conducted for them. Practice sheet/ Homework sheet/ Assessment sheet will be considered as a part of examination.

    Classes I to V:

    Students of Class I-IV will be assessed on the basis of the Weekly Worksheet Cycles / Weekly Tests. Semester/Term Examination will be held only for class V. Letter grades will be given in all areas of learning.

    The five point grading scale for scholastics is as follows:
    The break up for the weekly tests for Classes III to V will be as follows